Choosing Your Photowalk

You can go anywhere you'd like for a photowalk.  Countryside, urban or a mix of the two and any distance or route to suit you.  Be prepared by checking out maps and walk guides online.  Remember that a photowalk will likely take longer than just walking as you will be stopping along the way to take photographs.  If you'd like to share your walk with us, make a note of the details of your walk, where you started, etc and if you have access to gps tracking with your phone, watch or other device, track your route along the way.

We are based in North Staffordshire and The Photowalk Network covers walks within one hour's drive from Stoke-on-Trent (which includes parts of Shropshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire as well as Staffordshire).  If you're interested in adding walks from other areas, please get in touch and we could consider adding other areas to our coverage with your help.

taking photographs on your photowalk

You don't need to have an expensive camera to go on a photowalk, just use any camera or smartphone that you have.  You might want to take photographs that document your walk (the path, steps, gates, relevant signs, etc) as well as creative photographs of the things you see.  

Think about light and consider shadows and reflections.  Try looking at things in a different way, from above or by getting low, or very close up.  Keep a look out for colour, lines and patterns.  Then, when you come to take your photograph, think about your composition, framing your photograph to avoid distracting elements or leave lots of negative space (empty space such as sky or grass) that might make an interesting photograph.

Submitting your walk

We're looking for as much detail as possible about your walk so that we can feature it on The Photowalk Network for others to enjoy, so the more information you can complete in the form, the better.  

After your photographs are collated and edited (you don't have to send us every photograph that you take, just those you'd like to select), upload them to a Dropbox folder or other online folder that you can send us the link to.  Ideally, we would like photographs that are a maximum of 1000px on the longest side, which will be suitable to upload to The Photowalk Network.  We will curate your photographs when we upload your walk and might not upload all of them.

copyright and license

You will retain copyright of any photographs you send to us in relation to a photowalk.  By submitting your photographs to us, you agree that we may copy and redistribute your photographs and walk information under Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 4.0.  This doesn't allow us to use your photographs for commercial purposes.