Wincle, Danebridge and Rushton Spencer Photowalk, Peak District, Cheshire

Distance: 10.5 miles, taking 4 - 5 hours

Cost: Entirely free

Parking: Wincle Brewery, Cheshire, SK11 0QE.  Park on the right hand side of the road just up from the brewery, avoiding the spaces that are reserved for residents.

Paths and Accessibility: Some firm path with muddy areas.  Challenging accessibility with stiles, steps and steep inclines and declines.

General Information: This is a great alternative to heading off for the peak of Shutlingsloe, and heads west, then south west of Wincle. The walk includes some part of the Gritstone Trail and whilst the length is reasonably long, there are only a couple of steep incline sections. What made this especially challenging in early spring was the amount of mud. The section between Barleigh Ford Bridge and Rushton is pretty much a mud bath which you just have to walk through - you'll definitely need to give the dog a wash after this one!

The walk offers a good variety of woodland area (Greasly Hollow and Dimkins especially) along with some great open higher altitude views south and west from Wincle Minn. The old mill and millpond at Bearda is lovely, and the paired villages of Danebridge and Wincle are always a joy to behold.

Amenities: The brewery shop at the start/finish is open 10am - 4pm.  Toilets are available.  There's also The Ship Inn on route and The Rushton Inn in Rushton.

Walked and submitted by Saul Hewish in March 2017

More information on Wincle Brewery at their website -