Park Hall Country Park Photowalk, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Distance: 1.65 miles, but varying distances are available as there are many different paths and routes.

Time of Year: February 2015

Cost: Parking and entry are free

Parking:  The main car park for Park Hall is at the visitor centre at a different location, but we used the Bolton Gate car park (no tarmac and some potholes)  which is just off the A520 Leek road.  The nearest postcode is ST3 6QD.

Paths and Accessibility:  The paths can be muddy, but if you keep to the main paths in better weather, you could get a pushchair around.  There are lots of different paths so you can take numerous different routes and there are coloured routes which you can follow if you wish.  There are no steps, but paths can be steep in parts.  

General Information:  Park Hall has lots of interesting landscape from canyons to woodland areas, meadows and open fields.  There are many different paths for kids to explore and adventure, which are less accessible.  On this particular walk, we were locating some geocaches hidden in the country park, so our route is erratic in parts!  It's advisable not to follow the route that we took (uploaded above).  Park Hall is popular with dog walkers and dogs are often off lead, so it's an ideal location if you have a dog with you but not ideal if this causes you concern.

Amenities:  There is no adjoining cafe Park Hall and the visitor centre is no longer there, but there are toilets next to the main car park.

Walked and submitted by Jenny, Jorja (7) and Dexter (5)

Taken by Jorja Harper (7)

Taken by Jorja Harper (7)

For more information about walks in this location, see the leaflet and details from Closer to Home walks here.  For more information on geocaching, go to the website here.