Hem Heath Woods Photowalk, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Distance: 1.65 miles

Cost: Parking and entry are free

Parking:  Off Trentham Road, next to Newstead Industrial Estate and signposted with green Staffordshire Wildlife Trust sign.  There's a small car park (room for 5 – 10 cars).  The Hem Heath Pub is very close on the opposite side of Trentham Road, with postcode ST4 8HP.

Paths and Accessibility:  You go through a kissing gate to enter, but there are no stiles or other gates once inside.  The paths can be muddy and unsuitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.  There are lots of obvious paths that cris-cross so you can take different routes.  There are no steps and no steep inclines or declines.  However, we did come across a tree felled across a path restricting access. 

General Information:  Hem Heath is a woodland environment with a few small pools.  There are a some benches for resting, but I didn't spot many bins.  When we walked in February, there were lots of bluebells starting to grow, so it would be a great place to go in Spring when they’re in bloom.  You can take a fairly circular route (as we did), there is perimeter fencing with a train line down one side. 

Amenities:  There is no adjoining cafe or toilets at Hem Heath woods, but Hem Heath pub is a short distance away from the car park along the Trentham Road towards Longton.

Walked and submitted by Jenny, Jorja (7) and Dexter (5)

For more information about walks in this location, see the leaflet and details from Closer to Home Walks here